This memorial weekend reminds us of the wonderful exhibition which launched White Moose gallery back in March 2013.

Jane Churchill's exhibition Degrees of Separation was inspired by the life stories of soldiers and their loved ones, from the Barnstaple area, throughout WW1. Specifically those who had a connection with Jane's great uncle Lieutenant William Hicks, who was killed in July 1917.

“Exploring the relationship between museum collection, archive and created artefact, the work invites you into a world between truth and fiction, the real and the imagined, asking what can be discovered about someone’s life from just a few surviving objects,” – Jane Churchill

"I will create a ‘step into’ dream-world, in which the audience experience their own relationship to love, loss and memory through thediscovered stories of those just passed from living memory, giving people a deeper understanding of the long-term effects of war.”

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