Volkhardt Müller

Since moving to the UK from Germany in 2002, Volkhardt has worked across a range of media and techniques, including printmaking, video, 3D installation and performance. Much of his practice has an element of site or context specificity to it, coinciding with his interest in the politics of both rural and urban landscapes and the ways that they are interconnected.


Volkhardt, who is now based in Exeter, takes inspiration from the people and places of the city, making objects that capture and condense it’s movements. His observations cast light on contemporary life in Exeter and beyond, demonstrating his desire to know where he is located within his immediate environment and the people that shape it.


As a member of Blind Ditch artists group, he has worked collaboratively as a designer/conceptual artist for theatre and performance, as well as key facilitator on the award winning VANLAND project. He also teaches, presents and facilitates creative work from participatory art in the community to University level.


We collaborated with Volkhardt on a project exploring the theme of TOPOS (common place), which eventually lead to a solo exhibition at White Moose in February 2016.

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