Virginia Lee

Born and raised on the edge of Dartmoor by a family of artists, Virginia drew and sculpted from an early age and tried to make sense of her inner world through creations inspired by nature and the surreal. After studying Art and Design at Exeter College and Illustration at Kingston University, she worked for a time on The Lord of the Rings trilogy in New Zealand, sculpting architectural statues and merchandise. Virginia has since illustrated for several children’s books including a Russian fairy tale entitled: The Frog Bride, the Greek myth Persephone - A Journey from Winter to Spring, The Secret History of Mermaids and Hobgoblins. Virginia has also illustrated cards for The Storyworld, a toolkit for the imagination, and The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle.

In her artwork she attempts to use her own visual language to explore themes of transformation and connection to nature, creating realms where deep aspects of the psyche are embodied in folkloric characters and revealed in the mythic landscape.

"The Three Hares Tor painting came into being as a response to the Chinese Year of the Rabbit in 2011 and as a familiar motif that has been used in many ways in my hometown of Chagford, an old Stannary town on Dartmoor. To my knowledge I’m not aware that the symbol has been depicted in the form of a granite tor set in a landscape before so I decided to explore it with my pastels and capture it on paper... Working intuitively with this idea I weaved in the three pathways that spiral into the centre adding another layer of symbolism to this mysterious motif."


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