Verity Newman

Verity sculpts tiles and objects primarily from clay. After finishing an Access to Art course at Merthyr Tydfil College, she went on to complete a degree in Art Practice at The University of Glamorgan.

"Most, but not all of my work, is in clay. I like clay for its alchemical qualities, and as a gardener have an affinity with mud. I frequently make paperclay from recycled clay, and often use local dug up clays in my work.

The first time I heard of the three hares was on a noticeboard in Totnes advertising a talk on the Three Hares Project. I couldn't make the talk, but later looked up the project. Before long we were in Sampford Courtenay Church looking up at the roof bosses, and I have followed the hares ever since.

I see hares as associated with femininity, fertility and magic, but am aware there are many other interpretations, which adds to the interest for me. I like the way that no-one can be absolutely sure of the meaning or origin of the three hares. I enjoy the lack of certainty in meaning, but at the same time enjoy the fact of them being human made, and to humans replete with meaning. I enjoy the feeling that many other pairs of hands have made the hares in many forms, with many thoughts running alongside (like the hares) in a kind of perpetual motion".


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