Tamsin Abbott

Tamsin is a stained glass artist and illustrator who lives in rural east Herefordshire and works from a purpose built, timber frame studio in her garden.


"Every time I walk into my workshop I breathe a sigh of release and thankfulness.  It is my Narnia, my world where peace and wonder can be found.  Even at times of stress and looming deadlines I am achieving something just by being in that space and away from all the distractions of being in the house."

Tamsin's work is influenced by the Herefordshire countryside around her home, the orchards, the hills, the woods and all the plants, birds and animals that grow and live about. However, her work is not only about, and inspired by, the physical nature of the world. She is also drawn to the world of myths, fairytales and ancient connections to the landscape. Most of the glass Tamsin uses comes from the last remaining manufacturer of mouth-blown sheet glass in the United Kingdom, English Antique Glass.


"This is to me the invisible tapestry that weaves and links us to our rural ancestry. I have often referred to this as our hidden memories but from the enthusiasm I meet when showing my work I now realise that it is as real for others as it is for me. This melting pot of influences is, to me, the magic of our existence, and when working I try to imbue even the smallest of pieces with a sense of this."


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