Sue Rossiter

Craftsmanship is at the heart of Sue's practice, inspired by an interest in industrial heritage, textile industries, and traditional needle crafts. Historical production processes, techniques, equipment and machinery also influence her work.



She uses earthenware, black clays and paperclay combined with textile materials such as fabric and thread to make 2D and 3D sculptures, wall art, framed pieces and wall hangings. Sewing skills are incorporated using stitching and stitch-like mark-making techniques.


This dramatic combination of materials pushes traditional skills forward in innovative new ways, helping to keep them alive. It also inspires people to take up a craft, to learn or rediscover a half-forgotten skill, and shows what is possible when craft skills are valued.


Hand-building and modelling techniques are used to make the sculptures which are decorated with oxides, and slips and glazes made from muds and earths I collect locally. The pieces undergo two firings in an electric kiln before further decorative embellishment is added with textile materials and thread.

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