The Sketching Tin

The tin is available in a choice of 2 different designs                                         


The Sketching Tin is a pocket sized kit for drawing and painting. 
The tin itself measures in at 9.5cm x 6.2cm and is 2.2 cm deep (3.7 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches).
It is ideal for carrying with you every day, allowing you to sketch your surroundings whenever you get a chance. It's also the perfect multi-tool for documenting your travels. It facilitates a creative lifestyle by making daily drawing and potentially habit forming. It is ideal for everyone aged 14+.

The tin contains...

3 x Watercolour Half Pans


These are highly pigmented watercolours giving a concentrated hit of colour. A magnet on the bottom of the pan secures it to the base of the tin or the palette lid, or anything else metal. We have selected colours that are useful as individual shades and also have great colour mixing capabilities when used in combination.


White Moose have two different ranges of colours to choose from, each with a different mood:



1. Cerulean Blue, 

2. Permanent Rose 

3. Yellow. 

Strong, bold shades. Really versatile for mixing a wide range of useful colours.



1. Indigo 

2. Rose Madder

3. Yellow Ochre


Ideal for rugged landscapes. Robust and rugged colours. Evocative of wood, earth, gorse and clay.


This brush fits in the tin in two separate parts - The brush with lid attached and the barrel with stopper. Water is stored in the barrel of the brush which is secured with a stopper. When you are ready to paint, the stopper can be stored in the base of the tin and the brush is screwed onto the barrel. Just squeeze the barrel gently when you want more water and let it flow through to clean the brush. A wide range of brush stroke thicknesses can be achieved. From broad washes down to fine details - this brush has it covered! 

2B Pencil

We think 2B is the ideal pencil grade for versatile sketching.


Great for removing mistakes as well as adding highlights by taking away areas of pencil.


Pencil Sharpener 

This sturdy sharpener will keep your pencil lines clean and your details accurate.


Palette Lid 

The lid of the Sketching Tin is coated white for easy mixing of colours and wipes clean easily.



Cotton Cuff

Make your water go further by cleaning your brush on your wrist cuff before you squeeze water through it. Our wrist cuffs will be embroidered with our logo in black thread. We keep ours stretched over our Sketching Tins to protect the tin and for easy carrying

The Sketching Tin is available to buy from White Moose now!

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