"Psychedelia exploded onto everyone minds in the middle to late sixties. I was living and working on the farm where I had been born eighteen years earlier in the middle of North Devon. I was interested in music and had always loved drawing but didn't do it at school. When I saw the first sparks of psychedelic art coming from the West Coast of America and on record covers it inspired me to send my art into the various underground magazines at the time. They liked them and started to publish them. My work appeared in OZ, International times and Gandalf's Garden. I printed my own posters and sold them door to door in university halls of residence. Most of the originals of this work are in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum but many copies and originals will on display at the exhibition." – John Hurford

The gallery will be divided up into an installation (recreation of a sixties hippy pad), a chill out area with a light show/bean bags/music and a gallery space with a collection of John's psychedelic work to the present day - paintings, books, record covers and posters

Psychedelia and Beyond

John Hurford in collaboration with POP @ White Moose

14 – 30 March 2019

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