White Moose Projects CIC

White Moose Projects CIC (founded as a ‘not-for-profit’ arm of White Moose).






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White Moose Projects : Art Trek Open Studios

We are delighted to announce that Art Trek, North Devon open studios is now produced by White Moose Projects CIC.


For enquiries please contact info@arttrek.co.uk or visit www.arttrek.co.uk




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Matthew Broadhead : Heimr

White Moose is working with Matthew Broadhead to develop this project into his first solo exhibition. An interaction with geology, astronomy and photography as critical subjects has evolved to encompass history, mythology, religion and technology in Iceland.




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Sue Rossiter : Hand to Hand

An innovative project valuing North Devon’s rich glove making heritage, a world centre in the 19th and early 20th Century, now in danger of being forgotten with closure of local factories. 





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Jonny Briggs : Soil Culture

London based artist Jonny Briggs was awarded the Soil Culture residency at White Moose which took place in Barnstaple from 22 September to 3 October 2014. Jonny had also previously exhibited at White Moose in 2013 as part of the group exhibition Masquerade. A collection of work from all the Soil Culture residencies formed an exhibition which toured to White Moose from 16 April to 4 June 2016.


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Pete Ward : Soil Culture

Soil Culture artist Pete Ward and Francesca Owen, have recently opened their new workshop and art space in Ilfracombe – eARTh.  Pete and Francesca’s work explores their relationship with nature, and more specifically North Devon’s rich and diverse ecology, through contemporary painting, installation and workshops.




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Marcus Lanyon : Age of Panic

Age of Panic is an exhibition by Marcus Lanyon which debuted at White Moose in April 2016, before touring to several other galleries in the South West and the Griffin Gallery, London.





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Volkhardt Müller : TOPOS

Award-winning Exeter artist Volkhardt Müller has created a project-led arts space on the edge of Exeter’s central retail area, exploring the theme of TOPOS (common place).





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Edward Crumpton : Mariners Way

Mariners Way began its life as a knotted rope sphere, as a memorial to an ancient walk across Devon. Combining traditional materials, such as tarred marlin rope and old techniques of knotting, macramé, Edward recounted each step he took along the walk into a knot, thus recreating the Mariners Way walk into a material object.



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Emma Critchley : When the Waters Recede

This project, by the artist Emma Critchley, plans to realise a series of site specific installations spanning the area of Hartland to Bristol and Cardiff in response to the most destructive flood in British History in 1607.





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Joy Experiment : Project Afterbirth

Project Afterbirth was an open art exhibition which premiered at White Moose gallery from 2 October – 14 November 2015. The exhibition also toured to a number of art spaces and universities across the UK and Ireland.





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