Pete Ward and Francesca Owen : Painting Together

13 June – 1 August 2015

Painting together is a project by North Devon based eARTh artists Pete Ward and Francesca Owen. The exhibition brought together concepts of contemporary art with the more traditional practice of paint-making with locally sourced earth pigments.


Painting together investigated creative collaboration through painting. During the exhibition, Pete and Francesca invited selected artists and the public to take part in group works using local earth pigments in the gallery and in various locations nearby, offering workshops about the painting together project and the processes involved. As they explained, ’Earth pigments have revealed a surprising freedom of expression and confidence seldom felt with more commercially available media’. 


Both Pete and Francesca graduated from the Art and Environment MA at Falmouth University in 2012. Since then they have been involved in many contemporary ecological art projects, including ‘Soil Culture’ with CCANW (Centre for Contemporary Art in the Natural World) and more recently they created their collaborative space ‘eARTh’ in Ilfracombe. Pete previously exhibited at White Moose in 2013 as part of an exhibition which explored the use of Bideford Black as an artists material. 


The events associated with the exhibition at White Moose were as follows : 


Saturday 27 June : Earth Walk Day

‘Earth Walk Day’ will began at 10am at Fremington Quay Cafe, where natural materials were collected before creating a collaborative painting at White Moose. A great opportunity for participants to explore the possibilities of painting with others using local earth pigments.


Wednesday 15 July : Artists Walk & Painting Together Day

Pete and Francesca invited artists to join them for their ‘Artists Walk & Painting Together Workshop’. Starting in the morning at Greencliff Farm, Abbotsham, Bideford, the artists walked to the source of the locally significant Bideford Black. The afternoon was then spent creating a communal painting using this collected pigment at White Moose.


Saturday 25 July : Painting Together Workshop Day

Finally, a ’Painting Together Workshop Day’ was held at White Moose.


Wednesday 29 July : Artist's Talk

"Our experience of working with earth pigments has certainly led to a massive shift in practice both concerning our understanding and relationships with specific Pete and Francesca talked about their experiences of working with earth pigments and their journey to creating the work for their exhibition at White Moose. They invited people who had attended the workshops to talk about their experiences of working in this innovative way and in collaboration with each other. Pete and Francesca’s passion for working with naturally sourced materials comes through as they talk about their work, colours and the process involved". 



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