Edward Crumpton : Mariners Way


The Mariners Way began its life as a knotted rope sphere, as a memorial to an ancient walk across Devon. Combining traditional materials, such as tarred marlin rope and old techniques of knotting, macramé, Edward recounted each step he took along the walk into a knot, thus recreating the Mariners Way walk into a material object. Mariners Way, was commissioned in 2012 by the University of Exeter to stand outside the new Forum arena to celebrate the University’s new centrepiece building.


Over the course of 2012/13, Edward reimagined the commissioned sculpture in various manifestations before returning it to its original sphere shape at the University. “I always thought of carrying on the journey of the walk by transforming the rope into different objects” he saidI see the knotted rope as a line; something one would draw with.”  The knotted rope stretched for more than 1km when completed.


After a year of being installed at Exeter University, Edward unravelled the ball, marking the next stage in the project’s development. The third re-construction of the sculpture took the form of a Marlin fish. This was the centre piece of Edward’s 2013 solo exhibition at White Moose. This sculptural form played on the idea of the material of the rope, tarred marlin and integrated the concept of the marine environment.


During 2014 Edward investigated the traditional techniques of tarring rope and was able to re-create, through the application of extensive research, the first reformation of the sculpture, but this time using contemporary materials. He has named the new, 2015 sculpture, Mariners Way II, as an homage to the original sculpture and a symbolic reference of what the first sculpture encapsulated. Mariners Way II can be viewed in the garden area next to the Northern Piazza, Stocker Road, Exeter. It is one of around 40 sculptures on the Streatham Campus which can be viewed by the public from Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.

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