Marcus Bo Lanyon : Age of Panic

21 April - 10 June 2017

Age of Panic explores a climate of environmental, social and political anxiety through a range of potential reactions to an apocalyptic event.  The exact form of this apocalypse is nonspecific but hints at any one of the range that we as a species currently fear - perhaps thermonuclear, natural disaster or the anarchic collapse of society.  The work generates a sense of pre or post event and is intentionally ambiguous, creating a sense of timelessness that blurs recent history with a near future.  It articulates the feeling of individual, human responses to such overwhelming events, making visually explict these internal emotions, actions and observations. 


This collection of works was curated by White Moose and supported using public funding by Arts Council England. This funding has allowed Marcus to explore new medium, resulting in Shelter his series of bronze sculptures. It has also supported an outreach programme targetting youth audiences and student bodies


Click here to see Marcus' colouring in workshops in collaboration with POP at White Moose

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