Geoff Stainthorp

Having worked as a sculptor for many years, Geoff’s work is always ultimately pulled in a three dimensional direction as the works on paper develop into combinations of materials in his installation pieces that overlay materials in a very physical and plastic way. The dialogue with the works on paper reach its apotheosis in a surface that is not one single skin but a form of multiple layers building to create a final sculptural piece.


Geoff's exhibition Surface at White Moose is a collection of works on paper, canvas and glass represents a process that has taken place over the last two years and strike a new direction for Geoff Stainthorp who is more noted for his work as a sculptor. In creating this work he has sought to develop a two dimensional process that also takes on the form of a “skin of a sculpture”.


Exploring the surface of the paper whilst thinking about future sculptures Geoff seeks to manipulate the materials that he applies in a very direct and free way. Using the textures created from various media, such as thickly applied paint against the sheen of drawn and polished graphite, he employs simple gestures to present bold shapes and points of colour that are arresting to the eye. In thinking about how paint can be overlaid, rather than mixed, to build depth in the image Geoff paints in a sculptural way. This is also mirrored in processes such as embossing the paper itself to create an underlying pattern that is then painted and drawn into.


To create tension in the work, having freely used palette knives and large brushes to apply the paint on the paper, Geoff has also sought to bring a sense of order and control to his pieces through the source of the image. In several sketchbooks (also on display) Geoff created images which relate to transcripts of language, music or mathmatical equations. These ideas were then used in a graphic way to make marks that may be representations of text, notes or code in a kind of hidden language. These are sometimes dots, dashes, collections of letters or symbols similar to equations seen in algebra.


Photography by Jamie Rivenberg . For more images and to read Jamie's review of Surface CLICK HERE!

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