Dreams of Everyday Objects

26 May – 7 July 2018

Featuring the work of Marianne Edwards, Jane Hoodless and Colectivo Mangle


These artists invite you to leave reality behind as everyday objects and surroundings take on the surreal quality of dreams. This exhibition explores ideas of perception, memory and time.


Marianne Edwards


A renowned artist working in North Devon, produces subtle oil paintings of brief moments in domestic life and preserves them in time. Her work is in many private collections and she has successfully exhibited her paintings in solo and group shows across the UK.

Jane Hoodless


Jane is a London based artist working from her studio residency at Cockpit Arts. Working mainly on projects inspired by everyday objects or memories, it is no coincidence that her practice is concerned with narratives around objects, provenance, and inheritance… "My childhood desire to inherit a museum wasn’t so much about acquiring stuff, as tracing the invisible touch of transferred ownership. The work I create draws together provenance, the stories of objects, and the potency of the narrative of the individual. It is about belongings and belonging."

Colectivo Mangle


Colectivo Mangle (Mangle) is the name for Colombian artists Diego Fernando Álvarez and María Paula Álvarez. Their work is mostly carved out of wood. Both artists have an education as carpenters; their combined experience and practice of this trade enables them to push their work to its limits. Through the modification of tools and the exploration of other possibilities of working with wood, they have managed to create unexpected forms at a dramatic scale.

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