Danni Bradford

Gilding is a timeless and classical art and one which holds so many possibilities. Man has been gilding objects for over 4000 years. It is said that gilding an object reveals its true nature. Every texture, line and surface is accentuated when laid with the delicate metal leaf. Smooth glass surfaces transform water gilded leaf to a mirror-like finish, and natural objects are somehow brought to life with a delicate luminosity. Egyptians and ancient Greeks used gold leaf to adorn precious objects as a symbol of immortality, and the Romans used extensive ornamental gilding within their palaces and temples.


"When I first began gilding I started an extraordinary journey of discovery - one that thrills and excites me, and compels me to push my own boundaries as an Artist. I love the challenge of working in reverse and the complexity of working on glass.... Some of the processes I use to achieve my finishes are age old techniques, and many are born from continuous experimentation in the studio. By combining my background as an illustrator with Verre - eglomise i have created my own distinctive style... 


My work focuses on the power and beauty of light, colour and movement within the natural world." - DB




Verre-eglomise originates from the pre Roman period, but was notably revived in the 18th Century by French interior decorator Jean Baptiste Glomy.The elaborate technique demands experience, crucial precision and attention to a multitude of environmental variables. The gilder must create static to lift, position and float each delicate leaf of pressed metal onto the glass, above a minute layer of purified water and gelatine, or oil.

Water gilding and Oil gilding both produce different effects, and can be be carefully mixed within a piece to create subtle changes to the reflective texture.Although processes can be repeated, effects can never be completely replicated. The final outcome will always be unique to that individual piece.

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