Mangle, the collective, take their name from the mangle, or mangrove tree whose hanging branches sink into the earth and form interlocking complexes that grow on the coasts, cays and swamps of Latin America - between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Just as is the case for the mangle tree, the trunk, or wood represents Mangle´s raison d'être. Unlike the tree however, the collective uses this creatively, carving it into sheets of wood to create their work.

Mangle is made up of María Paula and Diego Álvarez, two self-proclaimed young “carpenters”, who trained at a School of Arts and Crafts and working primarily with materials and tools typical to carpentry. They are however, also artists since their work invites us to perceive various deep aesthetic, social and conceptual constructs. Their intention is to change the physical form of the raw material, the wood, which can be acquired in lumberyards, to create objects which unlike those produced by woodworkers, are not functional, but rather aesthetic, producing visual pleasure and inviting reflections about art, society, nature, the world and life alike.


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