Andrew Seaby

Andrew Seaby has made relief prints, from lino and wood, for more than forty years and has contributed to approximately eighty local and national exhibitions, including those organised by The Society of Wood Engravers.

The gradation of colour, embossing of paper and the extraordinary range of effects that can be achieved by black ink on white paper, are some of the features in relief prints that he finds attractive. He is also interested in the many practical problems encountered in printmaking and has constructed several presses and many accessories. He is inspired by the beautiful colour woodblock prints made by the Japanese. Wildlife and fish form the subject matter for many of his pictures.

"I first encountered the three hares symbol in 2004 in an article in The Daily Telegraph. The article described a trip to China by a research group, which included Sue Andrew and Chris Chapman, to investigate the origin and meaning of the symbol. I thought immediately that the motif was a delight. It combined an animal, that I have great regard for, with an intriguing visual conundrum. Viewed from the side, there is no axis of symmetry for any of the hares. However, their ears enclose a tricorn shape that has three axes of symmetry separated by 120 degrees. It reminded me of the brilliant space-filling woodcuts by M C Escher. Very often, Escher’s prints were based on birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects. Mammals, including humans, were used in a smaller number of designs. In 2011, I made a linoprint, based on the three hares motif, from a quick sketch drawn directly on the lino. This was followed by embossed and relief prints made in 2013 and 2015, culminating in the embossed intaglio print, Snowbound IV (2016).

Hares are extraordinary animals. They manage to survive cold, wet winters in the open, often living in a scrape at the edge of a field. They are also capable of astonishing speed and agility".


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