Yvonne Feng


“My practice explores the inexplicable paradox between the self and the world. Memories often occur to me as specific gestures. Only through a specific touch, moment or event, I am able to perceive myself and my relation to the world.The physical actions of drawing and painting link the subject and personal experiences together. Drawing is like recalling instinctively. Memories have no outlines until we choose to give them legitimacy. Such tracing activity is not to mirror what exists or has passed, but to realise it and to search for unrealised possibilities. Whereas, painting on large scale canvas is like creating a stage on which I can actively direct my characters. Through the trace of autobiographical narratives, I impart meaning to events and set a trap for the embedded unspeakable subject to unfold. Every mark is an impulse to capture the unspeakable, at the same time to legitimise the reality.”

Yvonne is featured as part of our exhibition of shortlisted artists for the Griffin Art Prize 2014 UK.

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