Shroud by Volkhardt Müller. Photo by Benjamin Borley

The Plantation 

5 February – 1 April 2016

An exhibition featuring the work of award-winning, Exeter based artist, Volkhardt Muller.

Working in a vast empty space – ‘TOPOS’, a few hundred yards from Exeter’s John Lewis store (kindly given over for him to use for the last year by Land Securities, owners of the property), Volkhardt has been producing a series of works connected to Exeter and it’s community around the Sidwell Street areas in the city, which include large-scale woodcut prints and video films.

During 2015, TOPOS hosted three artist residencies, all of which contributed to the growing body of work created in the space. TOPOS as a studio space has enabled Volkhardt to produce large-scale prints, video and mixed media work that chronicle a rural city and its people. TOPOS has hosted artist residencies during the year, and the result of these collaborations with poet Sean Borodale, sound artist Dawn Scarfe and others will be on display, alongside Volkhardt’s own work.

The artists responded in interesting ways, creating connections across a large county that can often feel very disparate between its rural areas and urban centres. Volkhardt’s interdisciplinary approach and creative reappraisal of the notion of landscape, and the impact and traces of the human on the land shows a strong connection to his local heritage and environment.

“Certainly at White Moose, we find this type of exhibition is immensely popular with our local communities and visitors from further a field”, as Stella Levy, partner at White Moose explained; “with this new TOPOS project and exhibition, we are delighted to be supporting Volkhardt as he seeks to develop his practice as an artist, allowing him to continue his exploration of the landscape and interconnectedness of the rural and the urban, as well as instigating public engagement through talks and print workshops”.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 14.24.59

Wind-up plastic TVs with lino cut print inserts by Volkhardt Müller

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