susannah douglas

The-Birthday-PartyWe all have an image of ourselves eating an ice cream at a birthday party, lining up for a family portrait, performing in the school play, if not we recognise the form. These photographs provide the evidence for the construction of our personal narratives. The desire for unique moments, the significant point in the story is a powerful desire.

But what do we do with this desire, based upon values deriving from the capture or representation of something unique, when we live in a culture built upon the ability to repeat? A culture where mass (re) production guarantees consistency, where to cut, paste and copy is only two clicks of one hand? We sift through a flood of representational images which are portrayals of conventions rather than evidence of the content they purport to show.

Douglas’ work centres around drawings developed from collaged photocopies of anonymous internet images. The drawings exaggerate processes of repetition and conventions of posed portraiture, whilst maintaining the nostalgic desire for the unique hand-crafted work

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