Sue Michie

The Tangle of Existence

1 October  – 12 November 2016


Heavily influenced by words and textiles, Susan’s work is an intimate look into the tangled web of words our brains have to decipher every day. In some pieces, words and half words appear from intricate ink lines or dots, in others they are purposefully indecipherable, creating in themselves the textural woven look of fabrics, or of the pages of a book viewed from afar. Susan has described her approach to her work as follows, “I wanted to turn language into something inexpressible, I am intrigued by words and by the processes of writing”.

The strength of the female sensibility in art and its right to be held up as equal but sometimes different to male art and accepted for that difference, is an ongoing challenge that Susan supports. Her work, she believes, is innately female with its key themes of smallness, delicacy and patience (think of those vast tapestries made up of thousands of tiny stitches that hang in stately homes). These are generalizations of course, but if you look at her work you would very likely know that it is a woman that made the drawings.

A quote from the Italian novelist Elena Ferrante that has resonated with Susan could also be used to describe her work; “I prefer to think of myself as being inside a tangled knot; tangled knots fascinate me. It’s necessary to recount the tangle of existence, both as it concerns individual lives and the life of generations. Searching to unravel things is useful, but literature is made out of tangles.” Vanity Fair. August 2015.

Created on fine, handmade papers using wonderful ink recipes, Susan’s work has a quality not often seen these days, with lightness and space used to great effect, whether in her small ‘studies’ or in her large final pieces.

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Susan Michie Artist in “Conversation”

Thurs 20 October 2016

6:30 – 8:30 pm   

£5 including a drink.

For further details, or to book call White Moose on 01271 379872.