Sarah Lederman

ledermanssuckle“My paintings drift from the historical to myths, then to dreams, fantasy and nightmares. Small creatures crawl across the body of the paintings looking for something to suckle on. Often focusing on the female body, I disrupt traditional representations of femininity; neat, pretty and contained. Rather I exploit the materiality of paint to create an environment where the female body is fluid, free, and uncontrollable.

Myths and images of myths to inform my work. I am interested in how stories can be told through pictures and how these stories change in our memory. Medieval representations of hell also form part of my inspiration. These images escape from their original purpose – morality tales to scare people into submission- and run towards the lure of forbidden sexual pleasures. Dreams and nightmares merge; a moment of horror can be a fantasy fulfilled. Torture and sexual satisfaction combine; animals and humans merge.”

Sarah is featured in our current exhibition of shortlisted artists for the Griffin Art Prize 2014 UK.

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