ryan ward

Ryan Ward, Late Evening Summer Sessions, 2013Growing up in the early 80s in South African, Ryan was significantly influenced by skateboarding and the brands that came with it. Ryan’s graphical work has a vintage feel with a modern twist. This retro feel echoes the work of earlier artists such as Rick Griffin, the US surf artist who also produced much of the graphic work for the album covers of West Coast bands of the 60s and 70s such as the Grateful Dead. His work also reflects his emotions about the ocean and life. Much of his art illustrates his experience of manic highs which generate the creativity behind his artwork.

He depicts the feeling of being in the ocean and comments on the human disposition to presume the right to rule the planet, to create and dominate, juxtaposed with the environmental impact of our time on earth.

Ryan is a graphic designer, artist and surfer. Beyond the Board was Ryan’s first exhibition. Previously, he has worked for the well known surf-wear brand Animal and has been recognised and interviewed by Korduroy TV California in the USA. He has won a prize for the graphic work he produced ad was used by Gotcha and his work has appeared in numerous magazines.

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