Peter Kettle

The landscapes of Britain are a perpetual spur for my love of painting. Being able to harness the hostility of the wild together with the peace of the water’s edge is a duality I strive to capture in my work. The process is a marriage between the fleeting nuances and the rooted impression of a space experienced, re-visited and conceived in relation to the landscape.

I aim not for a representation of the scene, but for an interpretation of the rhythm and mood of the landscape. The gestures and marks made on canvas – in the studio – are free responses to the experience of sketching in-situ. The landscape is the inspiration, but comes secondary, what I find paramount are the gestures, mixed-materiality (Plaster, oil, Acrylic, watercolour ink, use of hands, sticks and found objects) and explorative process of painting.

Peter is exhibiting in our upcoming Ten exhibition with Hester Berry and Edward Crumpton, from 8 August – 26 September 2015.