mark rochester

2013 PICTURES 037 676Towards the end of late summer, last year, I was drawn to paint at the long pool on the East Lynn. I’d been impressed by it on a previous walk.  Certain places seem to call out for attention.  Something almost secret, deep down in the gorge, a turbulent series of falls and then a long cool, quiet stretch.

Enthralled, I returned again this spring and painted accompanied by the very occasional walker or fisherman. The stillness only broken by the ghostly visits of a majestic heron and to my delight a fleeting glimpse of an otter, who after noticing me passed silently down stream through the shallows. 

When the weather was too hostile I retreated into some of the ancient local churches and this developed into a complementary process. Again most of the time alone in almost forgotten spaces enraptured by the treasuries of fabulous anonymous craftsmen.   Amongst the monuments, rood screens, gentle decay and stillness there is an almost imperceptible, mysterious whispering, flickering movements beyond my focus…

Born and brought up in North Devon Mark went on to study at The Central School of Art in London. He spent the following thirty years designing for textile companies in London and New York.  Since returning to the region eight years ago he has been steadily drawn to painting his surrounding environment.

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