mark king

Mark King, Image 1, Left Right Here, Aughris Head, Sligo, Ireland, 2014What would happen if society rejected the idea that rather than being superior to nature we are all connected to the planet?

This is a question that Mark has in mind as he surfs the North Devon waves and photographs the detritus of our consumer society that litters it’s shores. As a form of sanctifying to make pure, Mark collects and removes rubbish from the landscape, documenting his findings through photography. He questions why most people walk past in ignorance and why artists continue to produce romantic images of the landscape.

Mark’s practice is not only in the finished object – the photograph, but in the process. Mark still works predominantly in analogue film, scanning the negatives to produce digital prints and images. This process gives him a sense of fulfilment and ‘oneness’ with his surroundings.

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