luke george and elizabeth rose

Gate“There is a future which is predictable, programmed, scheduled, foreseeable. But there is a future, l’avenir (to come) which refers to someone who comes whose arrival is totally unexpected.” – Derrida

The possibilities of materials are endless; it is this constant investigation into what they can do that makes the process of painting so interesting to us. We are inspired by journeys around the city during which we document residual marks that hold a trace of human impact.

Through the physical processes our paintings undergo they gain their own individual integrity. Observing what goes on throughout the process of making triggers new decisions and dialogues between us that stem from a shared intuition. The moment and the surface determine whether a mark we have made is going to be a “happy accident” that takes the artwork in an entirely new direction, or if a fresh start is in order. The driving force behind the work is our connection to one another and a shared enthusiasm to work towards a united vision.

We are excited by the notion of our paintings eventually making themselves; by responding directly to the surfaces and working in such a way that our actions are dictated entirely by the process rather than our own aesthetic needs as individuals.

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