John Hurford

selfie copyDevon-born John Hurford is a prolific psychedelic artist who’s rise to fame came with his contributions to three of the most seminal underground publications of the sixties; Oz, Gandalf’s Garden and International Times. He grew up in Chumleigh, the son of a farming family and was completely immersed in rural Devon life as a child.

His early work (as much of it still is today) was crowded with flowers, birds and insects – highly detailed observations from the natural world he saw around him in the Devon countryside. It was often coupled with finely drawn Tolkienesque fantasy landscapes, people and mythical beings; goblin-like creatures were a favourite, as were naked girls.

During the last 18 months John has been painting women artists from in and around Devon, using a mixture of acrylics and pencil. He tailored each portrait to the woman he was observing, making each one completely unique to the next.

See these portraits at White Moose as part of his ‘Artist as Muse‘ exhibition.


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