Jennifer Campbell

“Through my practice I nudge the painted image out of the contained boundary of the picture plane. By making visible the painting’s object-hood, I f

orce it to exist in three-dimensional space. Yet this attempt to enter into the physical world is futile and incomplete; the image remains flat despite its materiality. By existing as an object the painting allows it’s territory to become interrupted by the outside world. This spilling-out of the frame relates to my interest in identity and the gap between self and other.

My paintings are aware of the gaze of the audience: they pose and show-off like a performer on stage. I treat paint as if it were garish make-up or icing on a birthday cake. Paint’s relationship to physicality, and its ability conjure up a skin-deep transformation via the coating of a surface, forms the basis of my exploration of the painting as an object.”

Jennifer is featured as a shortlisted artist as part of our Griffin Art Prize 2014 UK exhibition.

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