helen frank

Frank Helen-18m-2012-13-210x18000mm-waterbased penThe handmade aesthetic is essential for a practice that combines complex drawing and simple film as this work is concerned with repetitious processes and the collecting of information, to and beyond saturation point. The worker becomes errant and over engaged.

Frank is interested in the parity between handmade activities and the biological evolutionary processes constantly at work around us, particularly entropy and negative entropy. Both are required in a balance for anything to continue forwards in the passage of time. To investigate tension between creation and destruction (entropy and negative entropy), she uses mise-en-abyme because they map their own history by their inherent dependency upon the collection of static moments of the present. But each present is replaced and with it, its content: every addition to the series is another step removed from its source; the contained information is complete and accurate but simultaneously reduced and more detailed.

In generating mise-en-abyme, the hand is given an optimistic agency, a solipsistic occupation shifting between making and breaking. Part of this occupation, inevitably are mishaps. These too are subsumed in the process and become points of departure and an opportunity for change. Saving remnants of spent materials offers an alternate archaeology and is another perspective to the work and its concerns.

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