hayley piper

Hayley Piper, Marked (Section 5), 2013London born Hayley originally pursued a career in design. After moving to North Devon she decided that her vocation lay in being a fine artist, having produced her own work from a young age. She is currently completing her BA in Fine Art at Somerset College of Arts and Technology.

Hayley works in multiple media that includes painting, film and 3-D installations. She chooses media that is integral to the themes and ideas she wants to express in practice, whilst a fundamental part of her work is a vehicle for the concepts she wants to convey.

Time and space are key recurring themes in Hayley’s practice;  she examines how the human is positioned in time and how we inter relate and are connected to the spaces and moments we inhabit. Examination of the land and sea are as much imagined places, evocative of a sense of the moment and the temporal nature of that experience, as of a physical presence or place. The work also speaks to the processes and systems of life and the trace of the human, the markings we leave behind; for example working with ideas such as corrosion. Metal plates may look fixed but Hayley is interested in the life of the corrosion on the plates; the unstoppable, random ongoing processes that transform objects and environments outside of human intervention or prevention.

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