Francesca Owen

until i get into the sea, earth pigments and oils on canvas © francesca owen 2014North Devon based eARTh artist Francesca Owen gained her BA Fine Art Painting at the prestigious Slade School of Fine Art, before graduating from the Art and Environment MA at University College Falmouth in 2012. Since then she has been involved in many contemporary ecological art projects alongside Pete Ward, including ‘Soil Culture’ with CCANW (Centre for Contemporary Art in the Natural World) and more recently they created their collaborative space ‘eARTh’ in Ilfracombe.

Francesca is concerned with the impact of ready-made products and their harmful effect on the global environment.  To this means, Francesca experiments with using natural dyes and earth pigments, by extracting colour from local plants; vegetables; animals; earth and fungi, using traditional and contemporary dye techniques including solar; burying; composting and immersion.

From 13 June – 1 August, Francesca will be exhibiting a selection of her varied and innovative work in painting togetheran exhibition with fellow eARTh artist Pete Ward. The exhibition brings together concepts of contemporary art with the more traditional practice of paint-making with locally sourced earth pigments. painting together will investigate creative collaboration through painting. During the exhibition, Pete and Francesca will invite selected artists and the public to take part in group works using local earth pigments in the gallery and in various locations nearby, offering workshops about the painting together project and the processes involved.