Chudamani Clowes

20141022_144030“My practice deals with the post colonial discourse. I am interested in colonization,global imperialism and the impact of the British Empire on the issues of immigration and migration.
I have been inspired by the Ethnographic archive at the British Museum.I have used artefacts to form fictional narratives of the conquests and colonization of people and also of their representation.
My drawings form twenty six etchings of the Maritime alphabet as well as etchings of scout flags. I have referenced official signs,signals and semaphores to create my own flags with their own alphabet using characters from Victorian paintings by William Frith that comment on Victorian society.
I am intrigued by the first encounters made by British explorers and the fate of the natives. In my drawings and painted ceramics I am carrying out a process of re-interpretation and translation of the Ethnographic archive. Thereby fictionalising an account of history.”

Chudamani won the Griffin Art Prize 2014 UK and is featured in our current exhibition.

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