chris chapman

Chris Chapman has worked as a photographer and filmmaker for the past 35 years, documenting aspects of rural life across Devon and Somerset. His photography reflects the traditional skills inherent in the indigenous population and emphasises the accumulation of knowledge associated with age and customs.

His photography has been widely recognised and is represented in both public and private collections, including those of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Arts Council of England and the International Center of Photography in New York. His work has been published under various titles, including The Right Side of the Hedge (David & Charles), Dartmoor: The Threatened Wilderness(Channel 4) and Wild Goose and Riddon.

His exhibition at White Moose demonstrates his large archive depicting the culture and character of the region, sensitively presented in the form of both portraits and landscapes. Alongside this exhibition, we screened a new film by Chris about legendary Exmoor writer and artist Hope Bourne. Hope spent 24 years living in a tiny caravan in a remote isolation in the ruins of a farm on Exmoor where she led a life of self-sufficiency. Chris’ painstaking research has enabled him to see beneath the layers of mythology and misinformation that have shrouded Hope’s life to date and shed new light on the story of a woman who was both bold and courageous.  For more information see :

Follow this link to read Spotlight on a friendship : Chris Chapman & James Ravilious. Chris’ tribute to James Ravilious, a friend and fellow North Devon photographer.

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