Call for Volunteers! : TOPOS


Volkhardt Muller, TOPOS creator, will be setting up a printing press on Exeter’s Sidwell Street to involve passers-by in the production of a comic strip about Exeter wildlife. Would you like to help make it happen?
City Beast will feature observations and commentary on life on Sidwell Street as seen through the eyes of the animals populating the City Centre. Comics will be in the classic format – a 3-image strip sequence – executed as linocut.

Passers-by will be invited to design their own content for the empty speech bubbles, thereby creating a variety of interpretations for each scene. The images will be reproduced publicly from pre-cut carvings; editioning happens on demand. On payment of £2, people can take a personal print with them. Another copy will form part of an exhibition at the artist-led project space TOPOS on Sidwell Street. The exhibition will be rounded off by a popular vote for the best comic strips.

TOPOS is looking for people with an interest in creative writing, in the arts and in public engagement processes who want to help out with stewarding and facilitating the event on Sidwell Street and the exhibition at TOPOS. All helpers are also invited to make their own comic free of charge and will of course be supplied with tea, coffee and biscuits.

The event will happen on the weekend of 21st-22nd November, with public print-making from 10am into the early afternoon; the TOPOS space will be open afterwards until about 7pm. In the TOPOS space there will also be other work on display. Opening hours and street presence will partly be determined by the level of volunteer support. We are currently in the process of verifying a street site location.

If you are interested, let Volkhardt know what days and times you can do. There will also be a volunteer briefing on an evening next week.

Please reply to or call 07896-012269.