Bideford Black Workshop Day 15/07/2015


Workshop participants taking turns to paint with earth pigments collected in Bideford

It was lovely to see so many artists getting together to find out about Bideford Black, how it formed and where it comes from, producing paintings back in the gallery using our found materials!

Testimonial from Clare who went on The Bideford Black Artists Walk Day :

“It was an excellent day out with a great little group of artists. It started with a walk down to the coast where we learnt a lot about the history of the coastline and the Bideford Black from Pete and Francesca. After an exciting morning foraging for pigment we returned to the gallery to get messy making paints and producing two communal paintings. It was a completely inspiring and instructive day which opened new horizons for me in my background knowledge of art and my work practice. It was well organised with friendly, fun company and Francesca and Pete were there every step to help out and get everyone sharing ideas . The communal painting was a completely different way to work compared to my usual isolated studio existence and is something I would definitely get involved in again.”

Our final workshop with Pete Ward & Francesca Owen is on 25 July at White Moose from 11 am – 4 pm. Earth pigments and materials will be provided and you will learn how to make organic paints, before taking part in a collaborative painting.

More info here

Photo credit : P. Ward & K. McEndoo


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