Bideford Black – the Max Factor..

Bideford Black is a unique pigment found only in Bideford, used by the local ship building industry, for tank camouflage in WWII, as a dye and artist’s colour, and even by Max Factor in make up production. It is a naturally occurring pigment, highly prized for its intensity in colour, and was mined for over 200 years, until 1969.

The Bideford Black exhibition will be showing at White Moose, from Saturday 7 September – Saturday 5 October 2013, and will feature new work by five regional artists, all working with the world famous unique Bideford Black pigment: earth artist Pete Ward, painter Susan Plummer and printmakers, Merlyn ChestermanGrizel Luttman-Johnson and Judith Westcott.

The artists have spent the spring and summer researching, documenting and gatheringBideford Black in preparation for experimentations with this intriguing North Devon pigment to create new individual and collaborative work.

Following detailed research by Pete Ward with assistance from the Burton Art Gallery, there is renewed interest in the old Bideford Black stories. Artists are once again starting to incorporate it into their work. For more information, read the “Retracing Bideford Black” post on this blog.

To document this important exhibition, a printed book Bideford Black is being published by White Moose and will be on sale at £9.95 from the gallery and their online shop.