jane churchill


alone in woodsJane’s work explores the boundaries between truth and fiction, fact and imagination. Her practice consists of making and curating artworks in the form of sculptures and installations inspired by found artifacts that she incorporates into her original, created works.Through her art Jane seeks to express the deep seated emotions that these often ordinary objects can hold within them. By examining the psychology of collection and memory Jane’s work considers how such everyday pieces become fetishes or catalysts that trigger powerful, sensual recollections. Jane works in a variety of media from wood, paper and clay in addition to more traditional painted and drawn images to produce her vivid and immersive tableaux. Skillfully using her background as a theatre set drawing the viewer into an inner world that blurs the distinction between the imagined and the real.Jane is based in Kent and since graduating from Wimbledon Art School with a degree in Theatre Design she has created over 50 set designs for a range of productions in the West End and across the country. As her practice as an artist has developed Jane has exhibited extensively, undertaken artist residencies and is an active educator leading a number of related art projects and performances.

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