chris taylor


Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor’s practice takes inspiration from the rich history of ceramics, combining materials, techniques and processes which are not commonly seen side by side and layering them to create objects that are vibrant with colour, texture and material quality. He uses his knowledge of tradition and his making skills to create contemporary objects using old processes. In doing so he believes the objects keep contact with their heritage and therefore contain a sense of a wider history and culture.

Whilst the vessel forms appear commonplace the surface treatment unpicks this notion of familiarity, challenging the viewer’s innate understanding of domestic objects. Surface decoration is applied in interesting and unusual ways. Lustre appears painterly and free. Patterns are disrupted by an area of loosely applied colour or worn away to reveal the clay underneath. Glaze is applied inconsistently to reveal the matt surface below and cracking is encouraged for decorative interest.

Chris Taylor completed a degree in ceramics at the University of the West of England in 2000. Following experience in several ceramics studios across the country Chris returned to study for a a Masters degree in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art. Chris was recently appointed as a lecturer in ceramics at Plymouth College of Art.