20141002_142202 Critchley_Emma_Figures_of_Speech_2_1_CROPPED_2012_C-type_print_Ed._5_40.6x27cm_large IMG_3541
Jonny Briggs  Emma Critchley  Volkhardt Müller
Vase and 2 Makettes centred Matthew_Broadhead_White_Moose_Thumbnail
Marcus Lanyon   Sue Rossiter  Matthew Broadhead

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Mary Chugg Ros Cockram John Hurford
Francesca Owen Marcus Lanyon Patrick Jones

thumbnail white thumbnail white
Chris Taylor


chris-taylor-group-shot IMG_3541
Chris Taylor Susan Michie Volkhardt Müller
Vase and 2 Makettes centred 567490898_1280x720 Marissa Benedict
Sue Rossiter Hilary Paynter Marissa Benedict
Karen Guthrie When-your-words-came-I-ate-them-fw Debra Solomon
Karen Guthrie Jonny Briggs Debra Solomon
Anton Burdakov Sarah Ciurysek  something and son
Anton Burdakov Sarah Ciurysek Something & Son
Lisa Hirmer paul chaney
Lisa Hirmer / DodoLab Karen Wydler Paul Chaney
Anne marie culhane sophie mason thumbnail white
Anne-Marie Culhane Sophie Mason


Jennifer Campbell Chudamani Clowes Elisha Enfield
feng,_y,_video_game SONY DSC
Yvonne Feng Evy Jokhova Matthew Krishanu
ledermanssuckle sayal-bennett,_a,_xochipili sinopoulou,_a,_bring_me_coffee_or_tea
Sarah Lederman Amba Sayal-Bennet Alexandra Sinopoulou
1.4__medium_500_377_s Annalisa Fulvi, Non ci resta altro da fare, 2014, acrylic on canvas  selfie copy
Jinge Zhao Annalisa Fulvi John Hurford
 Catherine Cartwright - Awai Laundry, Trinidad Outgoing tide copy Hilary Paynter-Thames - high res

Catherine Cartwright  Merlyn Chesterman  Hilary Paynter
 Anita Reynolds - Booby's Bay
Judith Westcott-Blowing In  fe740c_e2f7f2d26619453c8fda1863e5ccfa84.jpeg_srz_500_369_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpeg_srz
Anita Reynolds  Judith Westcott  Pete Ward
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Frosty Morning, Devon (50 x 50 cm)1 A Visitor to Lundy Island - 54 x 73 cm - Watercolour and acrylic on paper 2015, Edward Crumpton
Francesca Owen  Hester Berry  Edward Crumpton
Peter Kettle, Gwendraeth-Estuary-Light-Shower  largeplatterD  Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 12.29.50
Peter Kettle  Roger Cockram




Paul Jones 7_C-Rock_40x40cms Brenda_Jet landscape-with-benches
Paul Jones Brenda Jet Rae Hicks
The-Birthday-Party The-Coldest-Frame Chin-Up
Susannah Douglas Nicole Wong Scott Robertson
Gate Titanium-White Untitled 7
Luke George & Elizabeth Rose Yuhwa Son Mary Wintour
Frank Helen-18m-2012-13-210x18000mm-waterbased pen canopy Ryan Ward, Late Evening Summer Sessions, 2013
Helen Frank Emily Moore Ryan Ward
 Toxix_Paradox_2011_BenCook-1 Mark King, Image 1, Left Right Here, Aughris Head, Sligo, Ireland, 2014 Simon Ledson, Tidescape - Calm, 2010-2014
Ben Cook Mark King Simon Ledson
Pete Newell, Neoprene Helmet, 2014 Dawn Olive, Covered, 2014 Maria Rivans, Big Ocean, Little Me, 2009
Pete Newell Dawn Olive Maria Rivans
Bedlow_Eleanor-Column-2013-152x122-oil_based_pencil_on_paper  Elizabeth van der Beugel, Untitled, 2013
Chris Chapman  Eleanor Bedlow  Elizabeth van der Beugel………………………..
Hayley Piper, Marked (Section 5), 2013
Hayley Piper


Giacomo Brunelli, Untitled Shadow, 2013 Merlyn Chesterman, Bideford Black (Detail), 2013 Fallen Angel
Giacomo Brunelli Merlyn Chesterman Jane Churchill
Anne Collier, Double Exposure, 2011 Virgilio Ferreira, Uncanny Places, 2013 Unguis
Anne Collier Virgilio Ferreira Annalie Grabey
Kevin Green, Small Pots, 2013 Aneta Gzeszykowska, Headache, 2008 Alison Jackson, Queen Doing Dishes, 2007
Kevin Green Aneta Grzeszykowska Alison Jackson
Keiron Leach, Out of the Shadows, 2013 Grizel Luttman-Johnson, Map of the Night, 2013 Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 152
Keiron Leach Grizel Luttman-Johnson Hilary Paynter
Susan Plummer, Regeneration Series: Constructions of Lost Thoughts III, 2013 Minhong Pyo, Book, 2012 4 LONG POOL AND BLUFF
Susan Plummer Minhong Pyo Mark Rochester
John Stezaker, Evolution, 1996 Chris Taylor, Large Red Jar with Lustre, 2013 Pete Ward, Bideford Black Face, 2013
John Stezaker Chris Taylor Pete Ward
Judith Westcott, Deep Time III, 2013
Judith Westcott