Anton Burdakov

Photo: Anton Burdakov

The work Anton Burdakov produced during his Soil Culture residency, coordinated by the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, was exhibited at White Moose as part of Soil Culture: Young Shoots from 16 April – 4 June 2016.

“Anton Burdakov is based in London and Berlin. He studied neuroscience at the University of Cambridge before studying sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London. Through object-making and site-specific installations, his work explores transitions between spaces and states, focusing on the spatial dimensions of personal relationships and goals.

Anton was selected for the residency at the Eden Project, which invited an artist to work with the team to re-engage Eden’s diverse audience with the many facets and functions of soil. These included soil’s mineral make-up, its role as a food, the life contained within it, its importance in feeding the global population and its role as a carbon sink. The residency’s aim was to provoke curiosity and ultimately create a love affair between humanity and soil. It was also an opportunity to communicate the unique process of creating soil at Eden in just 18 months, a process that usually takes 200 years” (CCANW).