Age of Enlightenment

Flash, Spider and Donkey - Bikers by Hilary Paynter copy


5 August – 15 September 2016

A new body of wood engraving by top UK wood engraver Hilary Paynter, specially commissioned by Devon Guild of Craftsmen, offering a refreshing view of age and ageing. Hilary’s delicate, resonant, often humorous work is informed by dialogue with inter-generational groups. Also features work by film-maker and wood engraver Leonie Bradley, who has worked as the second artist on the project.

The project is part of The Baring Foundation’s Late Style Artists Commission Series. The Baring Foundation has pioneered support for a wide range of arts programmes supporting older people to enjoy and take part in the arts.

Hilary is a long-time Devon Guild Member and renowned wood engraver and through her involvement with the Society of Wood Engravers has made a significant contribution to the revival of interest in this exacting medium.

This exhibition is part of NDArt Trek open studios. White Moose will  have extended open hours during this event, so will be open Tuesday – Friday 11 am – 5pm (as usual) and on Saturday and Sunday during the weekends of the 10/11 September and 17/18 September.